About CarbonX Co.


CarbonX is Leading the way in Carbon Cleaning Technology and Development with their In-house Built Carbon Cleaning Machine. This CarbonX machine coupled with their unique added solution which dilutes with water,  safely creates Hydrogen which is then pumped through the Internals of your Motor. This Unique Process Combined with our PreX Cleaner and Fuel System UltraX Clean creates the Ultimate Carbon Cleaning experience for your Motor.

What Does Carbon Cleaning do ??

Think of a carbon clean as a detox for your vehicle with a range of great benefits:

  • Restore power and performance
  • Avoid costly repair bills
  • Lower emissions
  • Improve fuel efficiency

Best of all we are a mobile service. We are Queensland Wide and also service the mining industry.


  Cars • 4x4s • Vans • Trucks • Farm Machinery • Mining

How it works


The Full CarbonX Carbon Cleaning Process is a unique 3 step process and is unlike any other service on the Market. 

Step 1 Engine PreX Clean and Detox Stage, this step gets the engine ready for our unique CarbonX cleaning system

Step 2 Uses The CarbonX  cleaning system, an in-house built machine which uses the CarbonX formulated Liquard to create hydrogen which passes through the air intake of the engine. The Hydrogen coupled with CarbonX’s formulated solution creates a unique process that has proven to remove carbon build up within the Engine.

Step 3 Is a fuel system UtraX cleaner / conditioner which cleans the system as you drive.